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    Development History

  • 2019
    1. March

      GOKE JAPAN(GOKE JAPAN株式会社), a wholly-owned subsidiary company, was registered in Yokohama-City, Japan.  It is engaged in the research and development of integrated circuits and the sale of products.

  • 2017
    1. November

      The company officially released China’s first dual-certificated (OCSSA&ITSEC) SSD controller chip, GK2301.

    2. July

      The company was listed on the GEM of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, stock code: 300672.

  • 2016
    1. December

      The company was incorporated into the integrated circuit design companies within the national planning layout.

    2. August

      The company was approved to establish "Hunan Solid State Storage Engineering Technology Research Center.

    3. January

      The company officially released China's first high-end solid-state storage controller chip GK2101.

  • 2015
    1. December

      GOKE's project called "the Industrialization of High-performance High-definition IP Camera Master Chips" is approved by “National Torch Plan".

    2. November

      GOKE passes the certificate of Changsha Enterprise Technical Center.

    3. November

      The MPEG2 decoding chip (GK6105S) which supports NDS advanced security encryption wins "Best Market Performance Award” in 2015 the 10th “Chinese Chip Competition".

    4. November

      The Ministry of Public Security, Changsha municipal government and GOKE sign a strategic partnership agreement to build the first industrialization base conforming to the SVAC standard.

    5. November

      GOKE is officially approved by the administration office of the new generation of broadband wireless mobile network, to undertake the key state science and technology projects of 2015, which is called “Development and Industrialization of Gbps Ultra-high Speed WLAN Commercial Chips”.

    6. September

      The company is renamed “Hunan GOKE Micro-electronics Co., Ltd".

    7. November

      The company is awarded the 2015 "China Excellent Enterprise in Electronic Information Industry".

    8. June

      The National Integrated Circuit Industry Fund injects in GOKE.

    9. June

      The Hunan Industrial Alliance of Integrated Circuit established. GOKE has been elected to be the Chief Director Unit.

    10. June

      GOKE introduces the technology-leading high-definition monitor chips with high integration level and low energy consumption.

    11. June

      The State Encryption Administration authorizes GOKE to qualify as the "Designated Producer of Commercial Cipher Products".

    12. May

      GOKE is awarded "The IPR Demonstration Enterprise in Changsha".

    13. January

      The GK6105S chip is awarded "the Hunan Provincial Progress Prize in Scientific and Collective Technology"

  • 2014
    1. December

      GOKE - East China University of Science and Technology's joint laboratory for multimedia technology is established

    2. October

      GOKE industrial park of integrated circuit design is officially put to use.

  • 2013
    1. December

      The accumulated sales volume of GK6105S chip reaches 10 million.

    2. December

      December GOKE lays a foundation stone for the industrial park of integrated circuit design (Changsha).

    3. December

      December GOKE is awarded “the Changsha Technology Innovation Demonstration enterprise".

    4. December

      December The high-definition audio processing chip wins award of "the Most Potential Product"; and the company wins the title of "Top Investment Valuable Enterprise" in the 8th "Chinese Chip Competition".

    5. March

      The DBS decoding chip GK6105S wins the 7th “China Semiconductor Innovation and Technology Award"

  • 2012
    1. December

      GOKE is designated as the first integrated circuit design enterprise in Hunan province by the State Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

    2. December

      The MPEG2 decoding chip (GK6105S) which supports NDS advanced security encryption wins “Most Potentiality Award” in the 7th “Chinese Chip Competition”.

    3. November

      GOKE is identified as "High-tech Enterprise"

    4. September

      The SIP DBS demodulating and decoding chip GK6105S wins "Changsha Science and Technology Award".

  • 2011
    1. November

      GOKE develops MPEG2 decodeing chip (GK6105S) ---the first chip that supports NDS advanced security encryption, which fills a domestic gap in this field.

  • 2008
    1. September

      The Hunan GOKE micro-electronics corporation is established in Changsha.

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